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How to install the 19SPK3 tripod spikes

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These spikes are for the following models:

MT294A3, MK294A3, MK190XPRO3 and MT190XPRO3


End of Manfrotto 190XPRO3 tripod
Remove the current tripod ends. These were pretty tough to remove and rightly so, you don’t want them falling off when out in the field. Best way I found to do it; put your tripod up side down and then pull on the underside of the rubber until they come off. Up to you, but I gave my tripod legs a clean as dirt and grime had built up.

When the end comes off the tripod
The tripod spikes should now fit straight on. Find the flat side and line it up with the tripod leg, then push all the way down.

Once pushed all the way on, use the screwdriver the spikes came with to tighten the bolt. I didn’t tighten mine all the way, but tight enough.

Screwing the 19SPK3's on
There you go, your tripod spikes are now ready to use!

The installed 19SPK3's

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