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What’s in my landscape photography kit

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I use the below in the field and also to post process my images.

On a shoot

Nikon D800E

Originally released in 2012, this camera is very well suited to landscape photography and has everything I need. High megapixels for large print work, great sharpness and high dynamic range.

Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 G

A lightweight ultra wide angle lens which I take 90% of my shots with. Great quality and excellent value for money.

Nikon 50mm F1.8 D

Bridges the gap between the wide angle and telephoto. This helps me pack as light as possible and takes great images. Really makes you work for the composition due to the fixed focal length.

Nikon 70-200 F4 VR

I am using this telephoto lens more and more often. Very versatile and extremely useful in wide open spaces where you need to focus in on the landscape. Also useful for doing detailed panoramics

Filterdude 100mm holder

I found this on eBay. Good alternative to more expensive products which do the same thing. Served me well so far.

Lee 77mm wide angle adapter

Screws onto the 18-35 lens to place the filter holder on. Nice build quality.

Lee Lens Caps

Fits straight onto the wide angle adapter so it can stay on all the time. Very convenient when out in the field.

Spare batteries and memory cards

I have various SD and CF cards, as well as 2 spare batteries which can be charged via USB.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 Tripod

A beast of a tripod weighing in at 2kg. However as I do a lot of seascapes in sometimes very windy conditions I need something extremely solid, which this is.

Ball Head

One off Amazon with Arca-Swiss ball head – has everything I need including the ability to do panoramics

L Bracket

Once you’ve used one you won’t go back. Allows you to switch the orientation when mounting your camera on a tripod very easily and quickly, whilst keep everything level. You can find them on eBay/Amazon.

Nikon D800E | 18-35 F3.5-4.5 G | Lee 100mm lens cap | L Bracket


Lee Filters

I have the landscape polarising filter, a 3 stop reverse ND grad (for sunrises/sunsets), a 2-stop medium and soft grad, and the Little and Big Stopper. They help me control all sorts of lighting situations.

Lee Filter Pouch

Keeps the Lee filters organised and secure.

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D

A bag which fits my needs perfectly. It’s a large, well-built bag that can hold my large tripod easily and is comfortable when hiking. It has ample room which is perfect when travelling abroad so I can fit other things in as well.

Alta Sky Bag with Manfrotto tripod


Lowepro AW400

The first proper bag I got. It fits everything nicely and is very light, however it couldn’t quite handle my tripod. I use it when I want to travel light or when I want a less obvious landscape photography backpack.

Hot Shoe Spirit level

A handy little spirit level which fits on the top of my camera. Helps with getting the composition straight.

Cable release

I use this when shooting movement, mainly water. Otherwise, the 2-second shutter delay is adequate. These 2 methods decrease camera shake, leading to sharper shots.

Nikon Aculon A30 Binoculars

I don’t always take these but they are useful when exploring vast landscapes and help when deciding to explore area’s from a distance. Number one criteria with these was weight – they are around 200g.

Fenix 3 HR Watch

A recent purchase, I plan to use this watch mainly for fitness/lifestyle however it has powerful GPS/Mapping features built in, which will be useful when hiking and exploring new areas.

Post Processing

Lacie Porsche Design 3TB External drive

Constantly plugged into my iMac and stores all my images which are fed into Lightroom. Lacie is a decent company and the drive looks nice as well.


Network attached storage which acts a backup to the Lacie drive. I use syncing software so that when a change is made on the Lacie drive, it is mirrored on the NAS. I can access this drive from anywhere where I have an internet connection.

3TB WD My Book

My offsite backup. I keep this offsite (i.e. out the house) and bring it in once a month to transfer the latest files and backups.

Adobe Lightroom

Used to import, organise and do basic edits on all of my images.

Nik Color Effect

After I’ve done the standard edits in Lightroom, I will use this for the more creative process of editing. Mainly I work on contrast, tonality and colour in this program.

Adobe Photoshop

I use this when more advanced editing is needed, which is probably only in 5% of my images.

Affinity Photo

I use this to remove objects from images (mainly people). I find the ‘impainting brush tool’ to be the cleanest technique I’ve used.

X-rite Color munch display

Monitor calibration tool. Makes sure the colours you are seeing on your monitor are a true representation and are not been distorted by your monitor’s settings. This is extremely important for digital photography and is a must if you are printing your work. I recommend reading this book if you want to learn about colour management from a photography prespective.

Wacom graphic tablet and pen

This offers finer control over brush movements when editing. They can be used to replace the mouse in editing software.

Wacom Graphic Tablet

What would you add or change in your Landscape Photography kit? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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